Cebu Global Teleservices delivers a comprehensive program that is tailored to suit every client. We provide multiple service strategies, analytical reports, networking connections and security, all integrated with high-level training modules for call agents and staff.
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Good customer service is about bringing customers back. It's also about sending them away happy! Happy enough to pass along positive feedback about your business to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves. They, in turn, become repeat customers. And everybody in this circle is happy!
We offer twenty-four hour customer care that allows your customers to contact you through live chat, rather than sitting around on the phone, waiting for someone to answer. This will increase sales, and also help the agents to answer the customer in a more timely fashion.
Having a virtual assistant is the glue to your puzzle when you're not there to handle things in the office. Having an assistant makes clients and customers happy by not having to leave a voicemail and by not having to wait to hear about information with their situation.
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Outsourcing your communications needs will maximize your customer care and streamline your entire teleservices operation, making the most of every contact with your clients, utilizing the least time-consuming methods. When you outsource with CGTS, you save time and money, and your customers will love the ease of contact they have with you. Our services are completely customized to the unique needs of your business and optimized for seamless function and outstanding, easy-to-manage support.
"We really appreciate the person-to-person interaction."
- William Anderson,
CEO, Selling Source

"This solution gives our customers the ability to contact us using voice, email or web chat."
- Sheryl Peterson,
President, ZBiddy

"I can see how they focus on building the relationship with the customer."
- Kelly Madison,
Chairman,American Diabetes Association


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